'It is so rich with detail that it’s as though there could be several paintings within the painting!'

'...I recognize those people, my heart swells... '

'I love it so much! You captured everything so beautifully.'

Mixed media on cradled panel
30" x 30"

My client and I decided upon a technique that would look like watercolour but was in fact, painted with acrylic. This allowed me to create a sense of spontaneity and incorporate fine detail but at the same time, we could enjoy all the practical benefits of acrylic.
To provide depth and textural interest, I incorporated various documents belonging to my client including a diary entry in French, a letter in Polish, some favourite sheet music, tickets and a poem.
As she has Polish heritage, the context was to be Kraków town square. Amongst the crowds, various family members would be worked into the composition. The architecture provided a starting point for the warm palette and brighter accents were added to add life and movement to the painting.
All in all, this became a truly personalised piece of art but it is still very much in keeping with my style.